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The Problem

In the past several decades the quality of our food sources have drastically diminished.  We are using additives, steroids, hormones, and other things that are not fit for human consumption.  Candida is just one of many new ailments that are reaching epidemic proportions.   Obesity is at an all time high, and the recent discoveries about gut flora is showing us how our food is working against us.  Our food source is now causing us problems instead of being the nourishment it once was.  It is creating deficiencies in our immune systems, and creating a place for bad cells to prosper and lead to disease.

The Solution

By testing both live and dry blood cells, we can get a snapshot in time of the current health of your body and find deficiencies and problems BEFORE they even become symptomatic.  We can then use these blood results to recommend courses of action that will take into account your blood type, age, weight, and lifestyle.  In some cases, just a change in diet will be sufficient.  For people that it is not practical to change diet, we can setup on a supplemental health approach that will counter act the negative effects the food is having on your system.  You can restore your body to optimal health with this approach.

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